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What Are The Advantages Of High Linear Pressure Non-Woven Blankets That Are Different From Felts?

Sep 01,2020/ news / Author: Admin

What are the advantages of high linear pressure non-woven blankets that are different from felts?

The high-thread pressure bottom net needle punched non-woven papermaking felt has excellent water filtering and air permeability, which is very different from the greenhouse felt. The porosity is large, it is convenient to wash the blanket, and it is not easy to be blocked by foreign matter. It is very suitable for vertical dehydration with large squeezing shapes such as vacuum and blind holes; it has good elasticity and the internal base net is incompressible.

    This kind of felt made of needle-punched non-woven fabric can withstand extremely high line pressure, and can adapt to a line pressure of up to 300KNM, which can effectively reduce the moisture in the service area of the wet paper sheet, reduce paper breaks, and increase the speed; but felt products Performance is different in this respect. High tensile strength, under high pressure and high load, it is not easy to be broken or torn; stable structure, good stiffness, no discount, very small elongation and shrinkage, generally not more than 1%, carpet surface Flat and thick, it is beneficial to improve the appearance quality of the paper, and can effectively reduce and eliminate the impressions such as carpet marks and real fatigue marks; long service life, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemically treated non-woven blankets. Anti-fouling, anti-fuzzing and other characteristics, its comprehensive performance is equivalent to imported blankets, and its life span is 30%-50% longer than ordinary blankets.