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Pack A Bunch Of Flowers, Start With Knowing The Wrapping Paper

Sep 01,2020/ news / Author: Admin

Pack a bunch of flowers, start with knowing the wrapping paper

As the saying goes: People rely on clothing, Buddha relies on gold


The packaging of the bouquet is the finishing touch


Wrapping paper of different colors and different materials


Bouquets with corresponding colors


Will have an unexpected effect


But there are so many wrapping papers


do you know?


Or how much do you know?


Kraft paper

The retro natural color of the kraft paper, combined with the color after coloring, can show a distinctive effect. If the two-color rendering of the original color of the kraft is retained, it is particularly suitable for the bouquet design of the pastoral, forest or literary sense. The simple kraft paper bouquet makes people like wood. When you send flowers next time, remember to prepare the kraft paper and flowers. The packaging can be done by yourself, and the effect is amazing!


Matte paper

The hazy feeling, like a misty flower, gives an unreal but yet another kind of beauty. At the same time, it can show the noble and elegant modern texture of the bouquet, plus its pure color, it is definitely the best choice for wrapping the bouquet.


Hansu paper

Compared with matte paper, the biggest difference between Hansu paper is that matte paper has a matte grainy feeling on one side, while Hansu paper is smooth on both sides. Indistinguishable friends can try to distinguish in this way!



The smooth and bright cellophane is soft and strong. It is used for the outer wrapping of the bouquet, which can enhance the overall fashion sense of the bouquet. It is used for the priming of single flowers. The waterproof layer at the bottom of the flowers is used to combine beauty and practical functions.


Sydney Paper

Sydney paper is actually a copy of our daily copy hard copy book tissue, and is famous for wrapping Sydney. Rubbing Sydney paper will have a fluffy effect, giving a unique sense of air, making the bouquet appear softer and more three-dimensional, suitable for the bottom layer. And the more wrinkled Sydney paper is, the better it looks! If you are not happy, you may wish to exhale with Sydney paper! It is willing!



The mesh yarn gives a sense of fairy flutter due to its yarn material. Whether it is white or black, it can add romantic dreaminess and mysterious sense to the bouquet. At the same time, the simple but not simple design makes people look forward bright. Suitable for the outermost decoration.


Paris Paper

Paris paper is not easy to tear because of its unique material. At the same time, its simple stripe pattern can make your bouquet more upscale, which not only increases the overall beauty, but also reflects the quality of the floral paper.



The waltz is a waltz light dance born in Vienna, which gives people a warm, romantic and cheerful feeling. The concentric circle wrapping paper of the waltz series is also like a dancing skirt, accompanied by the sweetness of flowers, delivering the best wishes to floral lovers. Yuanwu paper is a relatively popular wrapping paper in recent times. It has come out of the concept of square, making the arc lines a romantic demonstration of wrapping paper. Moreover, Yuanwu paper is more soft and full of curves, which can give a bouquet design. Bring new inspiration, suitable for exterior decoration.



Hemp flakes are not as smooth as cotton cloth, and the fiber strength is high, it is not easy to tear and puncture, has a vivid bump feeling, high cost performance, and it can form a contrast in texture with flowers, suitable for external primer.


Hemp paper

The color of the fine dots and the border in the hemp paper pattern can be easily shaped regardless of whether the line is placed up or down when wrapping the bouquet. The left or right line of the line can clearly divide the layer. The chic hemp paper that advocates the British style, as long as it is casually matched, the bouquets wrapped will give people a different feeling. Is it possible to have such a powerful effect, because the "mother" is behind the back?


Candy cone

Sweet cone paper is generally printed on both sides, with a larger thickness, and the appearance is very similar to the outer packaging of ice cream cones on the market. It can be used to wrap the bouquet to achieve a fake effect. Compared with ordinary wrapping paper, this bouquet The bouquet of the wrapping paper has the flavor of ice cream. On a hot summer day, I made a sweet ice cream bouquet at home, and it instantly became cool and woody. Did you fall in love with the sweet cone?


Ling Xuan paper

Compared to other packaging papers, Ling Xuan Paper is thick and tough. Coupled with its simple stripe pattern, it will make the bouquet look more high-end, one of the necessary wrapping paper for your girlfriend!


Ouya paper

Ouya paper is full of thick European style, yet luxurious and soft, smooth and bright paper, which can not only be used as an independent package for bouquets, but also can be matched with various papers to enhance the layering and glossiness of the bouquet Can protect flowers. In addition, special materials and manufacturing industries make this wrapping paper domineering and waterproof!



The delicate cutout pattern, soft fiber material, rustic and not gorgeous color, with pure color, looks simple and fashionable, plus the cutout texture, delicate and smooth, just like skin touch, let the vision and touch flow at the fingertips.


Butter paper

Fresh and elegant colors, rustic and not gorgeous colors, coupled with the naturally presented paper texture, delicate and full of feel, comfortable flexibility and appropriate thickness, super waterproof and unbreakable and unbreakable effect, delicate and smooth The matte texture and silky satin touch are very suitable for bouquet packaging, giving a calm atmosphere and low-key luxury. And because it uses high-quality native wood pulp paper, it has a certain light effect and can show a delicate and hazy texture, which is definitely a long-lasting trend in the packaging industry.


corrugated paper

Monochromatic corrugated paper is also known as plain kraft paper. Its bright and beautiful appearance is mottled and bright under the light reflection, simple and stylish, and the uneven workmanship makes the paper look more stiff. But corrugated paper is brittle and easy to break, so be careful when wrapping the bouquet. Corrugated paper is also a kind of wrapping paper commonly used in flower shops, and of course it can also be used as art origami.


Color rice paper

Color rice paper is mainly used for single-sided bouquets, with various patterns and colors, easy to pack, and is a common packaging material.


Flower shadow paper

The flower shadow paper is an improved flexible paper, which has good water resistance and can not be pinched. It has a smooth and smooth paper effect, delicate color display, and a light and smooth touch. The flower shadow paper is a proportion determined for single or multiple flowers. The combination of single or multiple sheets is superimposed, and the shape of sharp corners or arcs is completely under your control, bringing more creative space to your bouquet. .


English Newspaper

English newspapers are suitable for single-sided bouquets or round bouquets, including white cowhide, primary color cowhide, bear leather, Korean newspaper, etc. The retro brown color is matched with yellow sunflowers, giving a positive feeling. Simple and practical kraft paper is one of the favorite packaging materials for flower shops.