What Is The Performance Of The Craft Paper Cloth?

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Now the craft paper cloth has more characteristics with the continuous refinement of its making technique, for example: waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew and other characteristics are new paper cloth has the essential characteristics, in addition, the process of paper cloth There is a very large feature is that it is a very environmentally friendly materials, using Kraft paper and other paper-based materials produced, Therefore, it can be recycled and reused, it will not pollute the environment and save resources.

Process paper cloth according to their own style, the different materials can have different uses. Common can be used for hotels, interior decoration and decoration, shoe materials, automotive supplies, bags and so on. In the decoration of the home, according to their own personal preferences, the use of different materials, different colors of paper cloth collocation, decorated with your own unique style of living room, so that you in the busy work, you can have a good, heart satisfying habitat. and retro environmental protection paper cloth and gold wire paper cloth is more suitable for large hotels, clubhouse decoration, decoration, you can add a classical romantic feelings, but also show a stylish, noble and generous flavor.

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