What Are The Specific Production Steps Of Craft Paper Cloth?

- May 06, 2018 -

Since modern times, the handicraft-style home-style textile model has gradually been replaced by Western machinery production methods. At present, China's advanced textile equipment is imported from abroad. In this regard, we still have many ways to go. As a basic fabric, craft paper is initially converted from petroleum products into chemical fibers, and then manufactured. What are the specific and specific production steps?

The specific production steps of craft paper cloth:

1. Artex: The chemical fiber is used to extract the yarn through the process, and the thickness of the sample yarn is determined. The factory generally buys the yarn cake directly (this process is not completed in the factory). Followed by the warping, that is to spread the scattered cakes to the pan head, the number of pan head related to the yarn lines.

2. Merging: Combine the yarns of two or more pan heads into one pan head. For example, a 600 D paper cloth can be formed by combining two 300 D paper cloths. Followed by sizing, slashing and sizing the yarn to make the yarn stronger.

3, by: through the machine so that the warp yarns are staggered from top to bottom, so that weft through. At the same time, weaving is performed with two types of fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics, followed by stereotyped operations. After the weaving, the fabrics are made into a fabric, and then the fabrics are dried and set by high-temperature setting.

The last step is to dye the craft paper cloth and dye it according to the customer's needs. It should be noted that, at present, in China's bleaching and dyeing technology, there is a phenomenon of color difference in the dyeing and dyeing of each cylinder, and the industry becomes a cylinder difference. This is due to the Dyeing dyeing mix, temperature control, dyeing time and other differences.

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