What Are The Jacquard Fabrics

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Jacquard fabric If according to the characteristics of varieties, general jacquard cloth used as accessories, sheets, tablecloths, curtains and other interior decoration, jacquard poplin, jacquard yarn, jacquard line is used for women's clothing.

Jacquard cloth fabric According to color, divided into monochrome jacquard and multi-color jacquard: monochrome jacquard fabric dyeing fabrics: first by jacquard weaving jacquard fabric, then dyeing finishing, Fabric finished products for pure color. Multi-color jacquard jacquard fabric: yarn dyed after lust after the Jacquard loom weaving system, and finally finishing, so yarn-dyed jacquard fabric has two or more colors, fabric color rich, not dull, flower type three-dimensional sense of a stronger, higher grade. Fabric width is not limited, cotton fabric has a small shrinkage, not pilling, do not fade.

And in the actual production, the cotton fabric to color weaving for many, jingwei yarn all or part of the color, or the use of different raw materials, different fineness, twist, twist, such as warp and weft yarn collocation, you can also use fancy yarn. Its appearance is close, meticulous, the pattern is not very prominent, exaggerated, used for thin fabric, and the application is becoming more and more widespread.

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