Uses Of Jute Fibre

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Jute is used where low cost is more important than durability, for example in coffee sacks and cotton bale covers. You are probably familiar with jute as twine used to tie garden plants, and as hessian fabric (or burlap in the US). Jute is used in shopping bags, carpets and rugs, backing for linoleum floor covering, chair coverings and environmentally friendly coffins.

Jute is also useful as a geotextile fabric laid over soil to stabilise it against landslides and to control erosion or weeds. The fabric helps to keep the moisture in and holds the soil in place, whilst the open weave structure of the fabric allows space for plants to grow. As the plants get established, the jute fabric starts to biodegrade. This fabric is also used to wrap plant root balls, as it allows water and air to reach the roots.

Experimental use of jute fibre in commercial papermaking has proved moderately successful and may eventually supplement pine and spruce as papermaking fibres.

ball of hessian twine or string

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