Three Kinds Of Wrapping Paper For Flowers Make Your Bouquet Different

- Jun 03, 2017 -

Three kinds of wrapping paper for flowers make your bouquet different

1. falling paper / dream paper

Soft feel, easy to pack

Expensive packaging materials, more expensive


2. color Xuan paper

Mainly with single side bouquet, pattern color diversity

Easy to pack, commonly used packing materials


3. hand kneading paper

The utility model belongs to a common packing material, which can be used for corner packing, gift wrapping and the like

Another crumpled paper crumpled paper, pearl adds more expensive little tricks,

4. roll side paper / crepe paper

Used in round bouquets with solid colors, prints, gold, and snow spots

There are ready-made volumes, you can also hand curl, conditional use of curling machine

5. corrugated paper

Also used in round bouquets, with solid colors, snow spots and other patterns

Corrugated paper is relatively easy to crack, pay attention to inspection when buying


For apple, at Jinsha and other small package decorations, foam cotton paper, snow point paper etc.

Suitable for wrapping romantic fantasy style bouquets, more girly wind

8., silk paper / silk paper

High-end atmosphere, suitable for high-grade packaging

The price is more expensive, the daily use is less

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