The Packaging Materials For Flowers And Why They Are Packaged

- May 16, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of the aesthetic taste of the general public, the demand for flowers has also been increasing. This has also led to a series of industrial developments, such as the packaging materials for flowers.

First, all kinds of flowers wrapping paper. This is a beautiful coat of flowers, hand rubbing paper, printing and brushing gold hand rubbing paper, Korean gauze, ordinary cotton paper, senior cotton paper, rich flower paper, linen paper, art paper, gold and silver paper, plastic paper , laser paper, gold foil paper, handmade paper, printing paper, corrugated paper, linen net, snowflake net, artificial hemp, natural hemp, square grid, diamond net, wave net, gold cloth, gauze roll, gauze net, etc. .

Second, a variety of ribbons pull flowers. These flowers are the highlights of the flowers packaging, such as plain ribbon, Phnom Penh ribbon, cotton belt, printing cotton belt, printed flower pull, Phnom Penh pull flowers, seersucker, bright color wave, printed heart plate, offset printing and so on.

Third, all kinds of packaging materials and tools. They are also important members of the flower packaging materials, such as rose clips, rubber strips, wire drawing machines, green tapes, gold wires, scrolls, copper wire, iron wire, flower glue, light foam balls, hanging ornaments, beads, and staplers. Wait.

These are the packaging materials for flowers, but why do they need to be packaged?

The first important reason is that flowers need protection. When the flowers are sold from the branch to the place where they are sold, they will be stored and transported for many times in the flow. Good packaging during this period will prevent the withering, squeezing, pollution, light and bacteria of the flowers, and prevent Oxidation, protection against heat, prolonged survival, of course, the role of flower mud.

Another reason is that good packaging is also the medium for delivering product information. It bears the functions of communicating flower images, company brands, capacity, shelf life, and usage methods.

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