The Cause Of The Color Spot Phenomenon In The Process Paper Cloth

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Process paper cloth Because of good printing effect, has been favored by everyone, however, in its printing process is also prone to some printing defects, and ultimately affect the quality of printing, and the color spot is in its processing is prone to printing defects, and printing staff in the printing of these defects must be paid attention to seriously, serious treatment, To avoid affecting the quality of the finished product.

The reasons for the appearance of color spots in the process paper cloth:

①, because in the production of paper cloth process, uniformity is very important, uniformity is not good, coating volume will be uneven, which directly affect the absorption of ink coating, resulting in color spots, so that the ink transfer printed on the paper.

②, and in the process, ink contact is the paper surface coating, and the influence of the process paper cloth printing spot factor variables, there are pigment formula and ratio, adhesive system, coating solid content and rheological property, paint drying and final paper coating distribution uniformity, may also be due to the increase in coating volume, Make the original paper defects more prominent, coating uneven situation more, resulting in uneven absorption of ink, resulting in spot phenomenon.

As a result of the original paper cloth impression, in the coating after the obvious aggravation, in this area appears the color spot phenomenon. The original paper through a three-roll two-pressure zone, there is a vacuum roller, and the blind hole in the vacuum roll on the original paper, although by coating, or in the printing after the dot problem, so in the process of paper cloth processing and production, should pay attention to the production technology requirements.

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