The Approximate Production Process Of Jacquard

- Feb 05, 2018 -

There are usually 24 holes on the small lifting pattern plate, respectively used to control the brown box elevation and selection of weft, a large plate will have thousands of grain hole, they and Jacquard machine Head of the number of needle, each hole is aimed at a needle, to the hole bit whether drilling, to control whether Brown.

Usually, a grain hole controls the movement of several warp yarns, which are in the fabric each flower in one or several, the principle is the trajectory of the same warp, can be suspended through their own wire in a dragon hook, if the number of roots too much more than the Dragon hook load bearing capacity, you can consider a few more hooks to share, in many cases, The number of wires hanging on a hook is the number of flowers in the whole cloth.

Large jacquard fabric and small jacquard fabric production on the different place there are two points, one is the big jacquard without brown frame, and with a faucet + wire + Mesh board + Brown silk more complex combination; the second is a large jacquard screen is generally very long, in a jacquard back, there are N-root weft will have to match the N-Block plate, there should be a special stent to hang the screen curtain, wear the joint Grain Board has exquisite , which piece of grain destroyer wrong or left and right at both ends of the bit, will be weaving false flower-shaped, looking for the wrong plate is also very troublesome, hanging the screen of the bracket general and Jacquard mixer arranged in the loom above.

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