Seedling Cold Nonwovens Prices And Installation Methods

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Nonwovens manufacturers to introduce you to a dark green cold nonwovens installation methods and precautions: 

(1) cold material requirements: Specifications uniform sand pole, the main framework for coarse sand pole not less than 10cm, wire the 12 # or 14 # and cold cloth requirements for the 2013 production, weight is generally 70 --- 130 g per square requirements cloth uniform, good rally. 

   (2) the erection of wind barriers: cold and wind barrier for evergreens on the windward side of the requirements should erection and its adjacent sides of the windward direction, size, fit, plant height exceeds the height of 0.5-1.0 meters, and the horizontal distance between plants maintaining a distance of 0.5 m. Windbreak wind capacity required to achieve eight or more, two vertical rod spacing requirements of 1-1.2 meters, bar spacing is not 

To 0.5 m, and must be straight, windbreaks main frame must have bracing reinforcement. And cold pole can not exceed the cold cloth, and require cold cloth binding with nylon grass, spaced not more than 10cm. Requirements windbreaks solid, regular shape, highly consistent appearance. (Figure 1, Figure 2) 

(3) performance requirements: non-woven size suitable for cold dark green, trees like cold form, material height shall be unified, cold fabric surface smooth, clean. 

Third, Hedge categories: standard; flat side straight appearance, clear corners, under airtight, on 15 cm above the hedges, resistant to six winds. 

1. Warm plant varieties: privet hedge, boxwood hedge, fence Euonymus, cypress fence 

2, cold type requirements and methods: 

(1) The use of bamboo hedges horizontal pole bracket, hedge height requirements beyond the top of the hedge plants 10cm, cold pole spacing of 1 meter, the bar spacing requirements must not exceed 50cm and evenly spaced, straight, slightly smaller than the diameter of the pole on request, at the same time to improve the wind effect and increase stability, increase the bracing, reinforcement, and in Cypress fence to make a cut off every 20m. (Figure 1, Figure 2) 

(2) hedges stent using bamboo poles, hedge height requirements beyond the top of the hedge plants 10cm, cold pole spacing of 1 meter, the bar spacing requirements must not exceed 50cm and evenly spaced, straight, slightly smaller than the diameter of the pole on request, as well as improve wind effects and increase stability, increase the bracing, reinforcement, and in every 20m Cypress fence to make a cut off, but also with cold cloth; vertical pole can not exceed the height of the cold cloth, the lower cold cloth with soil compaction 3. The cold material requirements : bamboo (pole diameter) ≥2㎝, rail roughness 1-2cm, 16 # wire fixation; cold cloth unified procurement (all with green cold cloth 18615134050 maintain aesthetic effect). 

The performance requirements: Hedge windbreaks requirements bracket sturdy, strong, smooth vertical and horizontal, evenly spaced, cold cloth will be cold with a green cloth, must remain flat, no wrinkles, no breakage, highly consistent and keep clean, beautiful effect. 

5, non-woven dark green cold install the operating procedures and details requirements: 

A, Hedge stretch fabric 

1), adjusting lever 

Before tying the cloth must ensure smoothness and firmness bracket, if the bar is not straight and uneven pole mouth when tied in advance to adjust the loose wire can be tied cloth. 

2), stretch fabric 

This work is a key step in the cold, cold cloth must first choose the right height, the side of the plastic film pressed outward hedges, if it is catchy open, cold cloth on rails along 1.5 centimeters higher than evens, crossbars is the bamboo bamboo along a centimeter higher than the overall requirement does not wrinkle formation, 

① catchy open, stretch fabric needle is a key requirement under each stitch on the pole, the pole in the middle between the two rails down each stitch ("ten" must stay outside cloth knot ). ② wound stretch fabric, namely cloth wrapped around the upper edge of the bar, the distance between the two needle control in 10cm, each two meters must hit a knot to prevent breakage caused a whole off; needle must be from the inside out, needle from underneath the crossbar, or prone to loose; 

   Production of B, the stent 

1) lashing rails, two rails down on the road around the rod slightly lower than the pole 0.5cm, the next bar higher side stone 4-5cm, use wire lashing on the outside pole (Zhakou stay in the back side ), two crossbars lap 20-30cm, the bulk of the first lap with a small, two rods are required to be straight, is strictly prohibited and downs phenomenon. 

2) treatment, must be added at the corner of a corner braces fixed, then lashing a pole outside the guarantee will not be stretched 布后布 pierce the crossbar. 

3), smashing pole --- 1 per meter (basically at each pole at the side of the crevice), pole require higher hedges 8-10cm, in order to ensure top-level side straight pole must be hung up at work looking straight, looking on the flat, in order to ensure the stability of the pole, the pole into the ground at least 15cm, the distance from the inner side of the stone control 2-3cm, must be consistent.

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