Production Steps Of Two-color Process Paper Cloth

- Feb 21, 2018 -

Process paper cloth is from petroleum products into chemical fiber, and then make the fabric, now in the original based on the development of a two-color paper cloth, its characteristics are mainly out of the single color, a lot of people like this cloth, the following is to introduce its production steps:

1, in accordance with the design requirements, the dark paper cloth to retain its primary colors in the corresponding model, the rest of the cloth exposed to the model, clamping pressure, pressure size should be enough to make the liquid can not penetrate into the model.

2, the cloth with the pressure model placed in the bleach rinse pool, soak bleaching, when exposed to the model outside the color of the process cloth to meet the design requirements, the bleach from the pool.

3. Inject water into the rinsing pool, rinse the cloth and bleach on the model, and rinse several times.

4, rinse clean, release pressure and open the model, remove the cloth, quickly into the washing machine cleaning, wash and remove and dry.

The above is the depth of two color process paper cloth production steps, as long as we control the production process, we will be able to process this cloth, our company is a specialized manufacturer, our product range, welcome to come to buy.

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