Process Paper Cloth Color Matching Notes

- May 14, 2018 -

Because the psychological feelings of color are closely related to people's emotions and their understanding of color, and also related to the environment and psychological characteristics we live in. Therefore, depending on the psychological quality, the emotional response to the color of the fabric will be different. The same color may also lead to different psychological reactions. What should be noticed in the color matching of paper cloth?

      Paper cloth color matching notes:

      1, the color of the cold and warm: due to color caused by people's psychological feelings of cold and warm feelings, such as red, orange, yellow people think of blood, fire, sun, is a sense of warmth, blue, blue people think of water, ice, sky It is cold feeling. The coldness and warmth of color not only manifest in a fixed hue, but also tend to produce different cold and warm tendencies in comparison with other colors.

      2. Excitement and calmness of color: Because color can give people excitement and calm feelings, this feeling often has positive or negative emotions. The excitement of color is related to calmness, hue, lightness, and purity. Among them, purity has the greatest influence.

      3, bright and melancholy sense of color: In addition, lightness and purity are important factors affecting the bright and melancholy sense of color. Brightness is a sense of depression at grade 5 or below. At level 6 or above, it gradually increases as brightness increases. In terms of purity, the purity is neutral at level 6 and low-purity is a sense of depression. As the purity increases, it gradually becomes brighter, especially the solid color, and has the highest brightness.

      In the color matching of paper cloth, color matching is not only a method but also a rule, which refers to people's combination of individual colors. The beauty of color matching refers to the effect of color combination, which makes people's vision and psychology produce beautiful pleasure and satisfaction. A single color can't be said to be beautiful or ugly. When only two or more colors are paired together, there will be a beautiful or not beautiful evaluation.

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