Nonwovens Manufacturers Of Agricultural Nonwovens Become A Good Helper Greenhouses

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Nonwovens manufacturers of agricultural nonwovens become a good helper greenhouses 

Summer is gone, winter is getting closer, the weather is gradually cold, insulation work and vegetables grown increasingly closer, agricultural covering also significantly nonwovens market needs. Agricultural covering the importance of non-woven fabrics for vegetable growers is quite huge. 

Teng Li Yuen is a well-known manufacturer of non-woven fabrics, compared with previous years, PP non-woven greenhouse demand has improved so much in recent years, several major factors are as follows: 

One of these people for years to increase the demand for vegetables, vegetables became the people's essential dish dinner table, you can not have no meat but not vegetables. In-season vegetables popular among consumers, the more obvious this demand in winter, so the non-woven vegetable greenhouses in the winter is bound to act as an important role. 

Second, a few months ago, the big price rises of China has been well known that rising prices, increased demand, leading to a winter vegetable planting more profitable. Farm income has increased the need for non-woven this good helper.

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