Non-woven Classification

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Non-woven production process according to the main points are: 

      A spunlace non-woven spunlace process is a high pressure water jet to a fine plastic fiber web layer or layers, such that the fiber nodes to each other, so that the web has been fixed in a cloth-type and have a certain tension and strength and tension. 

Second, heat sealing non-woven thermally bonded nonwoven fabric refers to join in plastic fiber thermal fusion fibrous reinforcement material, and then after a cold indeed shape into cloth so as to have a certain strength of the fabric. 

Third, pulp airlaid nonwoven this particular industry is mainly used for non-woven fabrics are rare. Airlaid non-woven fabric can be used for air-laid, dry paper non-woven cloth. It is used by airlaid technology to pulp fiber opener into a single fiber state, and then make the air flow through method integrated on a single fiber mesh screens, fiber network and then reinforcement into cloth. 

Fourth, the wet nonwoven fabric was placed on the wet nonwoven fiber material in an aqueous medium into single fibers while allowing the opening of different fiber raw materials are mixed, and then consolidated into a nonwoven fabric web. 

Fifth, spunbond nonwoven fabric is the most widely this is also the most kind, mainly for non-woven bags. Spunbond nonwoven fabric has been extruded polymer filaments formed after stretching, then laid into a network of filaments, fiber network and then through their own cold indeed bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement into a variety of processes distribution network, the fiber network into a nonwoven fabric.

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