Non-woven Bag Good Quality, And Take The Road Of Recyclable

- Oct 31, 2014 -

The rapid development of non-woven bag can be traced back to the 2008 national ban in the country of production, sale and use of a thickness of less than 0.025 mm plastic shopping bags, plastic limit the promulgation of this, a direct result of non-woven alternatives bag at an alarming rate, even once a shortage situation. 

        In addition to plastic limit the external factors, woven itself has a short process, high yield varieties change quickly, extensive source of raw materials, long life and other advantages make non-woven reusable shopping bags are considered an important alternative to plastic bags, which is also an important factor in non-woven shopping bags quickly dominate the market. 

         However, non-woven bags industry after years of barbaric growth, the situation has changed, the environmental performance of non-woven shopping bags increasingly being questioned. In recent years, production capacity and production processes are mature non-woven bag, non-woven bags cost prices began to fall. The decline was originally derived from non-woven materials manufacturer increases, increased competition leads to lower prices, but now gradually evolved to the "price war", even sacrificing quality low prices situation. Inferior materials, workmanship rough hand woven bags, not only the environmental performance of the material can not be guaranteed, but also greatly reduce the number of non-woven shopping bag recycling, in fact, has added a new environmental burden. 

         Seen in this light, the environmental performance of the so-called non-woven bags are indeed open to question. But from another perspective, the ability to rapid degradation is not the only measure of non-woven bag is eco-friendly. In fact, non-woven shopping bags can replace plastic shopping bags, but also because it has the advantages of reusable recyclable. Solid and durable, nice non-woven bags are a great magic weapon merchant propaganda.

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