How To Reduce The Defects Of Process Paper Cloth

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Due to the production process paper cloth machinery or a variety of environmental factors, will lead to the process of paper cloth defects, which greatly affect the price of the process paper cloth, so we need to find some practical ways to reduce the process of paper cloth defects:

First of all, in the process of production of paper cloth, we should strictly control the process of mixed paper. To prevent the uneven mixing of paper, resulting in a large area of color difference defects occurred. And this is to start from the source, clamping on the paper test, master All levels of the main shape of the batch link, and improve the efficiency of mixed paper, and strive to mix the raw materials evenly.

Secondly, in the process of paper cloth, to strictly control the turnover of semi-finished products, as well as the processing of unqualified semi-manufactured goods. In this way, it is helpful to reduce the production of defective cloth of paper cloth and to form the final paper cloth.

Finally, we should also strengthen the management of the paper cloth special parts. In the process paper cloth, strengthen management can reduce the viscosity due to uneven, and caused by the chromatic aberration of the products, and in general, as long as the viscosity of the uneven rate of control within 3%, can effectively reduce the production of defects.

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