How To Improve The Smoothness Of Cotton Process Paper Cloth

- Mar 31, 2018 -

For now, in the actual production of the printing plant to choose the smoothness of cotton paper cloth can not be all in line with the requirements of printing, at this time in order to ensure the quality of printed matter, can also be appropriate to adjust some of the characteristics of the ink or change the printing process parameters to adapt to the characteristics of the paper cloth,

How to improve the smoothness of cotton paper cloth:

1, on the smoothness of the paper, printing can be appropriate to increase the printing pressure and the use of more liquid, wettability of the ink, in order to a certain extent to make up for the uneven appearance of paper and the impression of emptiness.

2, the smoothness of a higher cloth, printing should use a higher viscosity, strong adhesion of the ink, and appropriate to reduce printing pressure. For two kinds of cloth with similar smoothness, because of its composition and structure of different, in the selection or modulation of ink should be different.

3, the use of fillers and rubber filler to fill the gap, and through the super calendering treatment and the surface of the paper smooth, because of its compact structure, small absorption, can use less liquid, viscosity of the larger ink to print.

4, for a part of the long fiber as the skeleton, with short fibers such as straw pulp to fill the gap between the long fiber, and after the treatment of the surface of the smooth paper, the need for more liquid, viscosity small ink to print, to prevent in the printing of the phenomenon of hair off.

For the general uniformity of the poor cotton paper cloth, to the light source to see when the transmission light uneven, or even a cloud flower-like. This poor uniformity of the cloth, the smoothness of its surface is correspondingly poorer, coupled with uneven, the absorption of ink will produce a great inhomogeneity, such heterogeneity must disrupt the uniformity of the printing screen, thus reducing the quality of printed matter.

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