How To Grasp The Market Demand Of Monofilament

- May 12, 2018 -

For a long time, there has been a tendency in the development of monofilament industry in many areas to consciously or unconsciously, that is, technology-oriented, blind projects, or one-sided pursuit of narrower line widths, the better, and neglect the development of the market in this industry The most important factor. To grasp the market demand for monofilament cloth, it is necessary to satisfy the following conditions:

1, technical support. To have advanced technology, first-class chip design capabilities, has a number of independent intellectual property rights and patents.

2, management support. The management of industry and enterprises must start from various aspects such as strategic decision-making, capital management, logistics management, and talent management.

3. Talent support. It is necessary to cultivate a world-class team of process technology, chip design, and management personnel to ensure continuous innovation of technologies and products and efficient operation of enterprises.

4, market support. In order to survive, integrated circuit companies must produce products that meet market demand, continuously obtain orders from customers, and establish a sales team and sales network for the global market.

5, financial support. The monofilament industry is a typical capital-intensive industry. To achieve economies of scale, a certain investment threshold must be reached. With the improvement of technology, the investment threshold is rising. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of process R&D, capacity expansion, and upgrading, the integrated circuit industry also needs continuous investment.

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