How To Distinguish Between Artificial Cotton And Cotton Weft Cloth

- Feb 19, 2018 -

At present, cotton weft cloth is a kind of common cotton cloth, it is used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. Its advantages are easy to keep warm, soft personal, hygroscopic, breathable good, not easy to allergy. The appearance of artificial cotton on the market is very cotton weft fabric, then how to identify people cotton and pure cotton cloth, then what are their specific methods of differentiation?

How to distinguish between artificial cotton and cotton weft cloth:

①, Finish: artificial cotton cloth, cloth, yarn flaws, no impurities, fine cleaning smooth, and cotton surface visible to the shell, impurities, such as artificial cotton. At the same time, from the yarn support uniformity, the yarn of the artificial cotton is even, the yarn defects are few, while the pure cotton yarn is not as uniform as the artificial cotton, especially in the coarse cloth more obvious.

②, feel: artificial cotton regardless of the thickness of fabric, feel most soft, and cotton slightly coarse feeling. And in terms of color, the luster and color of artificial cotton is good, compared with cotton cloth, artificial cotton more vivid and beautiful.

③, Wrinkle: Artificial cotton easily wrinkle, when the hand gripping a cloth, spread, there are a lot of wrinkles, but also not easy to recover in time, cotton cloth, although there is wrinkle, but slightly more than artificial cotton. Because of the low strength of the artificial cotton cloth, especially in the humid environment, the artificial cotton fastness is poor, when from the edge of the cloth to compare, stretching, artificial cotton is easier to break, so the artificial cotton texture is mostly thicker, no pure cotton yarn as thin.

Compared with cotton weft cloth, because the artificial cotton close to the flame, rapid burning, as we burn plastic smoke and curl of the melting, cotton content of the lower the glue texture stronger, cotton near the flame, not shrink. Contact with flames, quickly burn, flame orange, have blue smoke. Leave the flame, continue to burn, burning, the smell of ashes less, showing a linear shape. Ash at the end of the soft, pale gray, easy to touch into powder.

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