How To Deal With Is Crushed Woven Handbag

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Non-woven bag products have been received and used thousands of families, has become necessary for people's lives, products like curtains, sheets, handbags, quilt and so on. However, if non-woven bags crinkling of how to deal with it? 

       First, find a relatively hard thing pad below the green bag, hydrophilic nonwovens are generally treated this way, so that non-woven flat whole bunk to go, and then use a wet towel to gently wipe the top (it must be noted that not too much water on the towel, fold in many places, the more and more with a towel to wipe a few). You can also use a few hydrophilic non-woven together multi-voltage, so you can save time and effort. Then is to find a non-woven bags and something about the size of a flat above the pressure in the can, the general press a A day on the line. 

      You do not recommend non-woven bag with water, wash the bright colors will not have before, things are not made out of beautiful, as ironing it, even die, a non-woven non-woven accidentally make a paste of.

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