Floral Packaging Is Premised On Not Destroying This Natural Beauty

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Try to choose less lavish floral rituals and, secondly, buy flowers. As far as possible to choose biodegradable packaging, the general flower packaging materials, plastic texture of the most difficult to degrade, paper easy to degrade, but although the paper is easy to degrade, but because of the trees, but also should be as little as possible.

The purchase of flowers is mostly to send people, at present. Many flower shops in order to cater to this demand, highlighting the high-end flower ceremony of luxury "packaging up and down the Kungfu." Three-storey, outer three-layer packaging Huari once swept across the river. The starting point is to buy flowers, resulting in more customers buy more wrapping paper. At the same time, flowers and natural "Reiki" layers of the package disappeared, like a piece of handicraft.

It should be premised on not destroying this natural beauty. In fact, the natural beauty of flowers is the ultimate attraction. When making a flower ritual. The luxurious embodiment of the ritual is not necessarily achieved through layers of packaging, more on the author's understanding of flowers and floral skills.

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