Emphasis On Long-term Development Of Non-woven Bag Industry

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Since the national implementation of the "plastic limit" has been represented in non-woven bag green bags began to replace the original plastic bag, more and more people have begun to use non-woven bag. Non-woven bag is durable, can be used repeatedly, from this point that is environmentally friendly. But with the amount of non-woven bags issuance is growing, many consumers no longer reuse them, they have bags from the beginning and gradually evolved into the contaminated products, the role of great contrast. 

If payment of the greater amount of non-woven bags, then lower its reuse, as time passes it with a plastic bag to no differences. I hope consumers will not use as a disposable non-woven bag products, with a throw once the possible impact on the environment. I hope consumers will pay attention, do not let the original environmentally friendly products become contaminated products. 

   The current on the improvement of the environment, issues relating to the future development of the country and the people's livelihood. Increasingly prominent warning of the grim situation that we do not solve the environmental problems, the National Development unsustainable livelihood can not be guaranteed. 

The current national five-year plan, the environmental remediation as a priority project. Plastic Mita think it also provides opportunities for the development of China's environmental protection cause, with the green bag, woven bags, canvas bags, paper bags and other products have been adopted by a number of consumer credit, environmentally friendly products in life weights increasingly apparent. 

National environmental sector should also be given to help the environmental cause, such as the implementation of decisions of corporate subsidies and so on. Only fully functional departments and the enthusiasm of enterprises on the one hand with one hand and technology law, and take two steps to the future development of the road to go further.

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