Daily Maintenance Method Of Process Paper Cloth

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Process paper cloth with its unique characteristics has been our home to pursue the natural comfort of choice, whether it is American, European, Japan and South Korea and other styles of paper cloth curtains to become a family of many home partners. How can we treat these curtains in the face of everyday companionship so that they stay at their best at all times?

The daily maintenance method of the craft paper cloth:

①, daily dust: daily to remove the dust on the paper curtains, you can choose vacuum cleaners, duster, such as cleaning dust. But if the linen sofa surface stained with stains, can be used to wipe the water clean dishcloth, repeated a few times lightly, preferably from the outside of the stain to wipe. If unfortunately sprinkle drink, should immediately use a clean cloth or sponge dry, and wet Bushi wipe, let its natural dry.

②, avoid exposure: If you want to maintain care for paper curtains, you should avoid it directly exposure to the sun, although linen can absorb ultraviolet light, but the UV will make linen fabric fiber loss of elasticity, which becomes fragile and faded, color will change, durability will be affected.

③, Wash and wash suggestions: When the curtain used to a certain age, need to be washed, but please remember not to mess. It is generally possible to consider a company that specializes in cleaning curtains in order to keep your couch in good shape. Otherwise, you must refer to the washing method to avoid hurting your paper curtains.

Craft paper cloth has always been the ideal material for indoor curtains, very durable, and fast drying, not only to keep the bedroom often clean and tidy, but also let our interior layout become soft and simple. And in order to ensure its durability, it is always necessary to maintain reasonable.

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