Classification Of Common Flower Packaging Materials

- Sep 26, 2018 -

Flowers have become a way of expressing love, and the atmosphere can be expressed in special festivals. So have you ever seen the flower packaging materials?

1. Plastic packaging is a common flower packaging material on the market. This kind of packaging is affordable, has a variety of printing, decorative effect is better, and has a moisture-proof effect.

2. Hemp packaging materials. This type of packaging material is soft and can be changed according to the shape of the flowers, bringing more creativity and beauty to the flowers.

3. Paper packaging materials. There are also many types of wrapping papers, such as printed paper, silk paper, dyed paper, etc., which are packaged and look dignified and noble.

4. Yarn packaging materials. Yarn packaging gives people a kind of beauty. After the packaging, the flowers are looming. Such packaging is light, and the common ones are snowflake nets and plastic nets.

5. Unique corrugated paper. Wacom paper, also known as kraft paper and paper, is relatively low in cost and can be recycled and has a good decorative effect.

6. Textured crepe paper. Rugged strip wrinkles give different visual effects, have a strong tensile force, and have a metallic texture.

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