Bouquet Packaging Do Not Let The Flower Packaging Materials Rob The Limelight

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Many people tend to make the bouquet's packaging very bright, so that the "flower" becomes insignificant, in fact, the most fundamental meaning of bouquet packaging is: 1, the flower to protect the role (such as wind, etc.), 2, maintain the water supply of flowers, 3, decorative, refers to the appropriate decoration, foil, improve the ornamental flowers, Rather than let the flower packaging material become the protagonist.

One, same color, similar color collocation:

White and pink flowers are available in white and pink wrappers, and red flowers can be used in red wrapping. This way of collocation is to let the wrapping paper and the flower is packaged, the simplest way, that is, the use of similar colors in the flowers to do the packaging, such works slightly more general. It should be noted that the color of the wrapping paper is not brighter than the color of the flowers, to choose a slightly dim color (except white).

Features: harmonious, soft

Second, contrasting color collocation

Refers to the wrapping paper and the color of the flowers have a big jump, such as blue with yellow, red with green, black and white and so on are some of the contradictions of color collocation, in fact, in contrast with the color of the mix, we will use such a combination of ways.

Features: It can be used to foil the flowers particularly bright, jumping. With a good match, the work will be quite brilliant. However, in the case of unskilled, it is easy to show that the work makes people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, in the selection of wrapping paper, it is best to choose a relatively dark, less jumping color as packaging. If the flower material itself is darker color, it is best not to use this contrast color collocation method, it will only appear more dark.

Three, the use of color matching

Features: fashion, convenience

It means that there are some colors that can be matched with any other color. For example: White, black, gray, khaki, green, not to say that these colors of clothing or other items can be any color, but in the flower art, these colors are hundred. The vast majority of plant leaves are green, so everyone will feel that green in the use of flower art is harmonious; khaki is a mixture of red, yellow and blue, the most complex color in all colors, it is a very gentle color to coordinate all colors, and black and white ash in the color is no color, and then will not grab color.

Special emphasis on white, maybe a lot of people will not use it, feel listless with white, but if you can use the white properly, it will be a special good helper in the bouquet package, it can bring out all the colors more bright, can also give too bright, contradictory colors play a coordinating role.

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