What types of cloth hot stamping process

- Jan 19, 2018 -

What types of cloth hot stamping process

The cloth hot stamping technology has developed rapidly in our country, but it is also nearly ten years since it is really put into mass production. With the rapid development of science and technology, cloth stamping process has become more and more mature, because of its overall effect after bronzing cloth look elegant and fashionable, has won more and more many people love beauty.

With the continuous development and upgrading of bronzing technology, cloth gilding has subdivided industry. Taking gilding equipment and gilding way as an example, there are 2 commonly used gilding equipments:

(1) round press round cloth for gold stamping:

The hot stamping and bottom die plates are cylindrical, and the two cylindrical rollers are line contact, and the bottom die plates are usually made of silica gel materials with moderate hardness. This hot stamping machine is suitable for making whole rolls of grey cloth to burn gold. The benefits are: fast speed, high output. The gilt paper, usually, in addition to the back metal coating, bronzing also comes with gum, as long as the gold foil is properly chosen, and the performance of hot stamping machine debugging accurate, cloth gilt after fastness, basic can also.

But this thing, also has a drawback, since the fabric more or less tension in the whole process to do cloth bronzing processing volume, cloth and bronzing paper are on the move at the same time, doing multicolor tipping is not good, the color control accuracy, this time, was only the second, the first monochrome bronzing well, to achieve the ultimate.

(2) flat press gold for gold:

The most common gold stamping machine is: pneumatic gold stamping machine or manual gold stamping machine. The main components are composed of two pieces of metal plate. When making the cloth to burn gold, it is generally heated by the aluminum plate above and moving downward. The pressure and time to be considered during the gold stamping depends on the height of the patterned glue layer and the temperature that the cloth can bear. In most cases, the temperature is 140 degrees ~160 degrees, the pressure is above 5kg, and the time is 10 seconds (reference value). When the temperature is too low, the fastness of the bronzing is not ideal; on the other hand, after the cloth is burnt, the cloth face is red (the white cloth is yellowish). The pressure is too low, the fastness will be affected; too high, flower type collapse stereo bronzing pulp, lose stereo feeling.

There is a premise for making cloth bronzing with this method: add the bronzing glue on the screen version, print the pattern you need on the cloth surface ahead of time, and then dry it before it is completely dried, then you can enter the bronzing machine to make cloth hot stamping. After the gold stamping, it is completely cooled and ripped away from the waste gold foil, inspection, repair and packaging to complete the whole cloth hot stamping process.

Cloth hot stamping processing technology, there are many technical points, not too likely only a few pages, a few articles can be simply summarized. To achieve good gold stamping fastness and good handle, we still need to accumulate certain technical content and operation experience. Only by continuous exploration and enterprising can we cultivate a fertile soil for cloth stamping and an oasis.

Cloth hot stamping processing technology, there is no best, only better!

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