What are the features of non-woven fabrics?

- Jun 03, 2017 -

What are the features of non-woven fabrics?

Non woven wallpaper in the 3 categories of wallpaper, permeability is the best, environmental protection is also quite good, its own material is no pollution.

This kind of wallpaper dries up fastest when it is pasted, so it doesn't damp the walls. Another advantage is that the construction is convenient, this may be as the main industry will not be obvious.

After all, the construction workers are doing, but we still want to mention, because of this kind of wallpaper due to the characteristics of materials, construction workers as long as scraping once with scraping, and 2 other materials of the wallpaper may be scraped 2-3 times.

Summarize the advantages of non woven Wallpaper: zero formaldehyde, good ductility and low shrinkage.

The only thing that can count on the disadvantages is the "high price" price of one volume: the imports are between 700 yuan and -900 yuan, and the domestic ones are between 400-600.

This unique porous structure, the permeability


* waterproof.

By regulating the air humidity.

* noise.

Non-woven detail drawing

Non-woven detail drawing

I feel a natural affinity.

I smell fragrant.

This fiber non-woven silk weaving greater tension.

* the non-woven paper complete combustion produces carbon dioxide and water.

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