pp non-woven fabrics and pet non-woven difference

- Jan 27, 2018 -

pp non-woven fabrics and pet non-woven difference

PP is a polypropylene raw material, that is, polypropylene fiber, PET is a polyester raw material, that is, polyester fiber (PP) polyester non-woven with (PET)

1.PP raw materials cheaper PET raw materials expensive, PP waste can be recycled. PET can not be recycled, so that is slightly lower PP costs. The company is located in:

2.PP high temperature at about 200 degrees, while the PET at about 290 degrees, PET is more than PP high temperature. 3. Non-woven printing, heat transfer effect, the same wide PP shrink, PET shrink small PET effect is better, PET is more economical and less waste. The company is located in:

4. Rally, tension, load-bearing, the same weight, PET tensile than PP, tension, bearing capacity. 65 grams of PET is equivalent to 80 grams of PP tension, tension, load-bearing. The company is located in:

5. Environmental point of view, PP due to doped reflow PP waste, PET all new polyester chips, PET more environmentally friendly than PP health.

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