Non-woven bags need regular cleaning

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Whenever we used several times a woven bag, non-woven bags or non-woven shopping bags, when there is no thought of a beloved bag carefully cleaned it. The following non-woven bag factory heritage for everyone to talk about non-woven bag is the need for regular cleaning and disinfection, and you can not always use environmentally friendly oh. 

Here, I will share with you our findings. A poll also showed that 97 percent of shoppers never be cleaned or disinfected its non-woven shopping bags. Researchers believe that consumers often do not have the concept of regular cleaning non-woven shopping bags, in addition, an ordinary washing does not kill bacteria. Experts recommend that people at least a week of non-woven shopping bags once pasteurized, as with the opening on boiled for 10-15 minutes, so you can completely kill pathogenic bacteria. Medical experts at the University of Arizona, United States Charles Zanzibar, who were randomly selected 84 shoppers woven shopping bags, through testing found that half of the bag in the possession of E. coli, the virus has resulted in the 1996 Scottish people died. The scientists also found that most of the bags contain salmonella, especially in the food pathogenic installed after raw meat is more likely. The researchers found that most of these non-woven shopping bags are made of jute and polypropylene fabric, which despite the green, but if from time to time be contaminated with bacteria in pasteurized. The study also showed that the hotter the climate, the greater the threat of pollution on human health. Because when people ingest contaminated food by E. coli, the bacteria will enter the body. It would pose a threat to children and the elderly. So we ordered non-woven bags when we must choose a good non-woven bag manufacturers, because quality assurance, bacteria will reduce part Oh, how to choose a good non-woven bag manufacturers that, I believe you yourself know the answer, of course, choose their own phase of the manufacturers, this is a joke, I wish you happy every day.

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