Non-woven bag has a ready-made it?

- Oct 31, 2014 -

There are many customers need small quantities of non-woven bags, such as the need dozens or a hundred or so, if that is the case can also be customized, the price is much higher than usual. This time too, some customers want to buy ready-made, in fact, non-woven bag is more difficult to buy ready-made, the manufacturers generally do not produce ready-sold separately, because in that case, the risk is relatively large, but also great financial pressure . That often sell ready-made woven bags are generally not direct manufacturers on the market, they generally have a stock trader or this bag general public printing pattern. Non-woven bag factory generally customized according to customer requirements and design custom-made, woven bags manufacturers themselves profit is very low, so if you do inventory sales pressure is very big risk is also high. Non-woven bags are generally custom-made, no stock, but also a relatively large number of wholesale, the more quantity and the price will be more favorable. In the way, when you buy the bags, you have to look at it is not toxic, then how to distinguish between toxic and non-toxic non-woven bags? The festival has for you on this topic, and this much to say, when you buy must pay more attention to it, if you want to buy on the spot only to find some commodity markets, non-woven bag factory in general is not . 

Non-woven bag, non-woven bags and non-woven shopping bags and other non-woven products, are based on the size, color, number of grams, quantity and other requirements tailored to customer requirements.

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