How to distinguish between toxic and non-toxic non-woven bags?

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Us if they have woven bag, non-woven bags or non-woven shopping bags and other non-woven products, it can be detected by the following methods to buy their own bags are not toxic. 

Here I will introduce several common. The first sensory detection method; non-toxic bags milky white, translucent, or colorless, transparent, flexible, feel lubrication, surface like wax, non-toxic and environmentally friendly bag cloudy or pale yellow color, feel fat sticky. The second water assay; the non-green bags placed in the water and press into the bottom, a small proportion of non-toxic and non-green bags can be surfaced, non-toxic and environmentally friendly bags heavy, sinking. The third shake detection method; Hold the end of the non-green bags shaking force, issued by the crisp sound of those toxic, poisonous astringent sound boring. The fourth fire assay; non-toxic polyethylene bags flammable, the flame was blue, the upper yellow, like a candle, like tears dripping burning paraffin smell, smoke less, non-toxic PVC bags non-flammable, away from the fire is put out, the flame is yellow, the bottom of the green, softening can be brushed with hydrochloric acid, pungent odor. Usually we used are all right, the type commonly used in non-woven bags is quite as much ah, for us to choose. Most of today's most popular styles, woven bags by customers long-lasting love and trust, but also the ordinary life of the most common kind of oh.

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