Green bag help to enhance the reputation of the retail business

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Promote the use of environmentally friendly bag on the first to get the plastic limit from China promulgated the start. According to the notice issued by the State Council, the country to ban the production, sale and use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags, and implement system of paid use of plastic shopping bags. Since June 1, the implementation system of paid use of plastic shopping bags in all supermarkets, shopping malls and other retail establishments are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags, and improve the level of recycling of waste plastics. Since the introduction of the system, the relevant supermarkets and shopping malls are taking the appropriate measures to deal with. This plastic limit to promote the use of environmentally friendly bag had begun. 

After the promulgation of the plastic limit, I collected some information on the use of non-woven bags Related News: 

 Ginza sell different specifications of non-woven bags in the supermarket prices and specifications are divided into three classes, from 1.5 yuan -4.5 yuan, there are no restrictions on the use of plastic bags or charge notice. 

 Metro Mall has stopped the supply of plastic bags, and a preferential way to the customer to promote green bag. 

Carrefour supermarket in plastic woven bags environmental change, and promised to gradually reduce and stop using plastic bags. 

 Some small supermarkets provide environmental paper bags for free. 

Shandong shopping bags pricing is not higher than 0.5 yuan / month. 

 three county-level cities in Shandong supermarket, on the "plastic limit" relatively slow reaction.

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