Do not let non-woven bags of garbage into a new source

- Oct 31, 2014 -

Now more and more places do not advocate a plastic bag, and Tsai indeed some measures, the use of non-woven bags so many people up, this is a good thing. But we see that in many cases, non-woven bags and did not play its due role, there are a lot of people even throw random non-woven bags. 

       While many people like the past with a plastic bag, bear in protection of the environment, not arbitrarily throw. However, non-woven bag is different, some people think that reason is called non-woven bags, is no damage to the environment, so how to deal with the use of non-woven bag after it is casual, like when to throw and when to throw it , where you want to throw throw where non-woven bag can easily become a new spam sources. 

       Many places in order to promote non-woven shopping bags, have adopted the free distribution of manner, since a free, easy to get to, so some people do not cherish, just throw more frightening is that some places in order to accelerate the promotion of non-woven bags efforts, free distribution frequency is increasing. When a person does not need to, I am afraid even the best thing for him is useless, had to throw away. Non-woven bags naturally become the new garbage.

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